Eazy Squeazy Wristband

So you’ve got yourself a Eazy Squeazy Wristband  and are wondering how to use it. You can fill your band in very easy ways. How to Refill Your band watch this:  Product Refill  Demo Video best and easiest ways to fill your band with any type of bottle, liquid or gel. No need to remove plug or to replace plug

How To Refill Eazy Squeazy Wristband

You Just Turn over the Band Cap to Fill with Liquid Pumps, Liquid Gels and Loose Liquids through any type of sanitizer bottle.

Use with Various Liquid Products 2 versatile Caps For all Type of liquids

Open Cap for Liquid Gel:- Turn Over the band cap, fill your band with a liquid gel or thicker sanitizer/product consistency (or large bottle). You can also use sun scream and Moisturiser. Use open cap for liquid gel.

Plugged Cap for Loose Liquids: Turn Over the band cap, fill your band with a thinner or more watery liquid (like rubbing alcohol, etc.), simply pour or squeeze directly into the opening.

Eazy Squeazy Wristband Ease of use does not need any special applicators like nozzles,funnels or syringes to fill.

Open-Pour-Squeeze Any Time You Want.

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